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How to obtain an Indiana handgun permit

  1. Go to the Indiana State Police website-
  2. Click on “Firearms Licensing” located on the left side of the page; a drop down menu will appear and then click on “Firearms License Application Process”
  3. Look at “Step One” then click on the Website that is underlined
  4. Under “New Applications” click “apply”
  5. Get your fingerprints taken at one of the two locations listed below (make an appointment on ISP website)
  6. Visit the Monroe Police Department on the 2nd or 4th Mondays of the month from 6:00pm-8:00pm
    1. Bring all paperwork received to this point in the process
    2. Local fee payable by cash or check made out to “Town of Monroe”

Where to get Electronic Fingerprints locally

  1. Bluffton- Bluffton Library 200 W. Washington St.- Thursdays from 2:00pm-5:00pm
  2. Portland- Holiday Inn Express 100 Holiday Dr- Thursdays from 9:00am-12:00pm

Firearms Licensing Fee Schedule

  • Four Year Personal Protection: Local Fee $10.00 ($30.00 State Fee)
  • Lifetime Personal Protection (No current license): Local Fee $50.00 ($75.00 State Fee)
  • Lifetime Person Protection (Current Valid License): Local Fee $40.00 ($60.00 State Fee)

History of the Town Marshal

The position of Town Marshal has a long standing history in the Town of Monroe, tracing back to 1905. The Town of Monroe was platted in 1847, and then in 1905 officially became incorporated.  At that time in 1905 the Position of Monroe Town Marshal was created.  The position in those days was an elected position.  Marshals in those days were kept busy watching over the residences, bars, hotels, and other businesses that made up the Town of Monroe.

In more recent years the position of Town Marshal was an appointed position. The Town Marshal gained his police powers through being an Adams County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy. These officers wore a Sheriff’s Deputy uniform and drove their own personal vehicles while responding to calls and patrolling the streets of Monroe. Many of us have fond memories of former Town Marshal’s Louis Steffen and Virgil Sprunger.

In 1999, the modern era of the Monroe Police Department began with the hiring of Town Marshal Rob Johnson. The position was part-time and remains that way still today. The Department was setup with the state in an official capacity. The Town purchased it first car, a used civilian Ford Crown Vic and equipped with the basic needs of a small one man department.  After Marshal Johnson left for the Geneva Police Department, the Town hired Marshal Corey Sparks who held the position until 2002 when he left for the Berne Police Department.

In 2002, the Town of Monroe hired Marshal Kevin McIntosh to fill the vacancy. Marshal McIntosh purchased the Department’s first brand new police car, a 2003 Dodge Intrepid. Marshal McIntosh served in the position of Town Marshal until 2007. In 2007, Dio Hernandez took over the position of Town Marshal and the Town of Monroe added a second Police Officer position, which was filled by former Marshal McIntosh, now a Sergeant. During this time the Monroe Police Department also began a Reserve Deputy Marshal Program, adding four reserve positions to our roster.

In 2014, Marshal Hernandez took a position with the Indianapolis Airport Police and the Town Marshal Position was again vacant. Former Marshal Kevin McIntosh was appointed to the position by the Town Board, a position that he still currently holds.  The Sergeant position was filled by AJ Bertsch and later on by Nicholas Yoder, who still serves in that position.

From humble beginnings the Monroe Police Department continues to grow and improve its resources so it can protect our residents and all who visit the Town of Monroe, to the best of our abilities. We have great pride in our Town and our Department and look forward to providing many more decades of service to the Town of Monroe.

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